My Babies

My Babies
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wedding Projects

These last several months I have had the privilege to be very involved with the planning and preparing for my little brother's wedding.  My little brother is five years younger than me and I love him very much so when he and his bride to be asked for my help I was delighted. Little did I know at that time that my skills and abilities would be challenged so much.  I tend to be a perfectionist and want the things I make to be the very best they can be, especially when it's going to be in something as big a wedding. 

My soon to be sister in-law and I went on a hunt for the best way to get the best deal, save the most money, and still have the perfect wedding.  We with my brother and her sister made the wedding invitations which took much longer than we expected but saved a lot of money and they turned out very pretty.  Our next hunt turned to flowers which are very expensive.  We looked at ordering fresh flowers in bulk but decided to check out using silk flowers which turned out to be a huge savings as long as you shop the sales.  We started by just buying flowers for the smallest flower girl's bouquet ball that she'll carry down the isle.  I was pretty confident in making that arrangement since it's for my daughter.  Then we checked out buying flowers for the bridal party which I was a little hesitant to do because I was concerned about making them just to the brides liking.  When we went though we were able to buy all the flowers for the bouquets for about the same price as it would be to have the brides bouquet made by a florist.  So I printed the pictures of the design of the bouquets and went to work, which turned out to be a lot of fun creating something so beautiful. I didn't feel like I could make the boutonnieres because I felt like they were much more complicated.  However I went to a wedding this weekend which my little brother was in and after looking at his boutonniere I decided that I could do that.  I have made the boutonnieres for the ring barer, the groom, and the grooms men. I have yet to make the ones for the fathers, grandpas, and ushers and the corsages for the moms and grandmas.  I'll add those pictures to the album when I finish them.

I have learned through this experience and the ones yet to come to have confidence and learn to do new things through trying and reading tutorials.

Thank you to my little brother and soon-to-be-sister-in-law for giving me this opportunity and have faith in me to do a good job. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

About Ellie Blossoms

My name is Anna and Ellie Blossoms is my small business and release from my full time job of raising my two very busy beautiful children.  They are twenty months apart, the oldest being almost three and the youngest fifteen months.  My oldest is a very busy happy little boy who loves to make you laugh and warms your heart with his hugs.  My youngest is Ellie, my beautiful little girl whom my little business is named after.  She has the brightest blue eyes and when she smiles her whole pretty little face lights up reminding me of a beautiful flower blossom.  She is my spunky one who is always trying to do things bigger than her.  My husband Andrew is my supporter and personal accountant (sense his profession is in accounting) and I love him very deeply.
I love to create and am always finding new projects to try. I come from a very crafty family who taught me many different crafts growing up and I have also taught myself.  My mom taught me to sew when I was between five and seven and I’ve never stopped crafting sense.  My favorite crafts are sewing/quilting and jewelry making.  Sewing relaxes me and excites me when I finish a project that’s transformed from a few pieces of fabric cut out into a finished product such as a bag.  I could get lost in the craft store just imagining all of the things I could make.  I thank God for the talent he has given me and for the great way to relax while watching my kids play. 
Currently I sell sewn handmade items such as: baby quilts, burp rags, table runners, cloth napkins, bags, and lunch boxes.  I sew as often as time allows with my busy family and whenever I receive an order.  I believe in finishing ordered items as prompt as possible.  I also try to make all of my projects machine washable and dryable.  With having such a busy little family I believe in easy care beautiful things. I welcome requests different than what is shown in my portfolio and specific color or fabric/s requests with an order as well.